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Stick Shift Car Rentals in San Diego

Are you looking for a stylish manual-shift car rental? 


Yes, we offer a great selection of sporty and fun to drive manual transmission cars for rent by the Daily, Weekly and Month. Choose from Sporty models like the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang GT to MR2 and Toyota brand cars.  

Sporty Type:

2014 Chevy Camaro

2014 Ford Mustang GT

Toyota MR2 with Manual “Clutchless”

2008 / 2009 Scion tC

2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT V6

2000 Honda Prelude

Economy Type:

2007 Toyota Yaris

2002 / 2005 Kia Rio


Renty Car Rental San Diego helps to make it easy with our “2-day Learning to drive a stick-shift Car rental package”. 

Learn to Drive Stick Shift

Renty Car Rental helps to make it easy for you to learn how to drive a stick shift car with their 2-Day “Stick-shift Rental Learning Package” that will help you get it down fast!

Day 1: You will get a “clutch-less” manual transmission Toyota MR2. This car has a gear “Stick” shift but has no clutch and helps to get you comfortable with shifting gears. 

Day 2: You will get a normal “stick” shift manual transmission Toyota Yaris. This car is fully manual and has both the clutch peddle and gear stick.

We offer this 2-day car rental package with both cars for: $149. 

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